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Manjushri on Lion
Manjushri on Lion SOLD!
Buddha Statue, 14"H

Gilt Jambhala On Dragon
Jambhala on Dragon SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 13"H

Maitreya Buddha
Maitreya Buddha SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 13.5"H

Avalokiteshvara SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 10"H


Chinese Buddha
Shakyamuni SOLD!
Buddha Statue 25"H

Royal Ease Avalokiteshvara
Avalokiteshvara SOLD!
Buddha Statue 8"H

Vasudhara Buddha Statue
Goddess of Prosperity SOLD!
Buddha Statue 15"H

Vajrasattva Bronze Buddha
Vajrasattva SOLD!
Tibetan Buddha 9"H
God of Wealth Jambhala.
White Mahakala SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 12"H
Jambhala Buddha
Kubera Jambhala SOLD!
Buddha Statue 7.5"H
Ming Bronze Kuan Yin
Ming Kuan YiN SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 14"H
Maitreya Jambupati Buddha
Maitreya SOLD!
Jambupati Buddha 17"H
Kasunoki Masahige Samurai Rider Bronze Statue
Samurai Rider SOLD!
Bronze Statue, 14"H
Bodhidharma Buddha
Bodhidharma SOLD!
Buddha Statue 15"H
Meiji Bronze Daikoku
God of Luck Daikoku SOLD!
Meiji Bronze Statue 8.5"H
Vajrasattva Buddha
Six Armed Vajrasattva SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 9"H
Rattanakosin  Buddha
Rattanakosin Buddha SOLD!
Thai Bronze Buddha 24"H
Amitabha Buddha
Gilded Amitabha SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 9"H
Shakyamuni Shrine
Shakyamuni Shrine SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 22"H
Bronze Green Tara
White Tara SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Buddha 6.5"H
Manjushri Gilt Bronze Buddha
Manjushre SOLD!
Tibetan Buddha 12.5"H
Silver Aavalokiteshvara
Avalokitshvara SOLD!
Buddha Statue 12"H
Fudo Myoo
Fudo Myoo SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 9"H
Padmasambhava SOLD!
Buddha Statue 9"H
White Tara
White Tara SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 15"H
Bronze Assobhya Buddha
Assobhya Buddha SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 8.5"H
Mahakala Buddha
Mahakala SOLD!
Buddha Statue, 8" H
Manjusri Buddha
Crowned Manjusri SOLD!
Buddha Statue 7.5"H
Gilt Vajrasattva Buddha
Vajrasattva SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 8"H
Gold Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Statue 13"H
Gilt Bronze Mahakala and Consort
Mahakala SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 4"H
Green Tara
Green Tara SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 9"H
Tibetan Gilt Shakyamuni Buddha
Shakyamuni SOLD!
Tibetan Statue 9"H
Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 20"H
Bronze Lokapala
Lokapala SOLD!
Buddha Statue 9"H
Maya Devi
Gilt Bronze Buddha 8.5"H
Tibetan Bronze Buddha
Shakyamuni SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 14"H
Tibetan Mahamajusri  Statue
Maha Manjusri SOLD!
Buddha Statue 11"H
Kwanyin Statue
Kuanyin Teaching SOLD!
Sino Tibetan Bronze 12"H
Gilded Bronze Shakyamuni
Shakyamuni SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Buddha 12"H
Gilt Shakyamuni Buddha
Shakyamuni SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Statue 14"H
Manjusri Buddha Statue
Manjusri SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 8"H
dharmapala statue
Lokapala Sold!
Vintage Chinese Bronze 11"H
ksitigarbha Ti-tsang
Ksitigarbha SOLD!
Gilt Ti-tsang Statue 7"H
Green Tara Statue
Green Tara SOLD!
Jeweled Bronze 10"H
Shakyamuni Stupa
Buddha Stupa SOLD!
Antique Gilt Bronze Shrine 8"H
Lana Thai Buddha
Lana Thai Buddha SOLD!
Thai Bronze 16"H
Longevity Buddha
Longevity Star SOLD!
Buddha Statue 16"H
 Hayagriva Phurba SOLD!
Tibetan Ritual Dagger
Walking Buddha SOLD!
Thai Bronze Statue 16"H
Shakyamuni Buddha SOLD!
Chinese Bronze Statue 12"H
Kapala SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze 6"H
Kannon Bosatsu SOLD!
Japanese Iron Statue 25"H
Sukhothai Buddha SOLD!
Thai Bronze Statue 9"H
Kannon Bosatsu SOLD!
Bronze Plaque 13"H

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He went first to Mrigadava in Varanasi where the five mendicants who had lived with him during the six years of his ascetic life were staying. At first they shunned him, but soon after the Buddha preached his sermon at the Deer Park at Sarnath, they believed in him and became his first followers. He then went to the Rajagriha Castle and won over King Bimbisara who had always been his friend. From there he went about the country living on alms and teaching men to accept his way of life. Men responded to him as the thirsty seek water and the hungry food. Two great disciples, Sariputra and Maudgalyayana came to him. Soon afterward, two thousand and more followers had joined the Buddha.

King Shuddhodana was still inwardly suffering because of his son's decision to leave the palace, remained aloof; but then he too became his faithful disciple. Mahaprajapati, the Buddha's step- mother, and Princess Yashodhara,his wife, and all the members of the Shakya clan began to follow him. Multitudes of others also became his devoted and faithful followers. For forty-five years the Buddha went about the country preaching and persuading men to follow his way of life. But when he was eighty, at Vaisali and on his way from Rajagriha to Shravasti, he became ill and predicted that after three months he would enter Nirvana. Still he journeyed on until he reached Pava where he fell seriously ill from some food offered by Chunda, a blacksmith. Eventually, in spite of great pain and weakness, he reached the forest that bordered Kusina- gara. Lying between two large sala trees, he continued teaching his disciples until his last moment. Thus he entered into perfect tranquility after he had completed his work as the world's greatest teacher.

Under the guidance of Ananda, the Buddha's favorite disciple, the body was cremated by his friends in Kusinagara. Seven neighboring rulers as well as King Ajatasatru demanded that the relics be divided among them. The People of Kusinagara at first refused and the dispute even threatened to end in war; but under the advice of a wise man named Drona, the crisis passed and the relics were divided among the eight great countries. The ashes of the funeral pyre and the earthen jar that contained the relics were also given to two other rulers to be likewise honored. Thus ten great towers commemorating the Buddha were built to enshrine his relics and ashes.

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