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Bronze Walking Buddha
Vintage Thai Bronze Statue

Walking Buddha

In Abhaya Mudra

Origin: Thailand, Circa: 20th century
H 15.5 in.(39cm), W 3.25 in.(8.3cm), D 3.5 in.(9cm)
Measurement including wood base 3.25" H
Aged condition, overall good!
The Sukothai Style flowered in the 12th-14th Century when an independent tradition arose that defined Thai art styles which continue to this day. The unique vision of Sukhothai art lies not in the invention of novel forms, but in its completely harmonious perception of realism. There is delicacy in this gait of 19th century bronze Thai Walking Buddha, a supine sway in the arms reminiscent of traditional dancers, an intrinsic movement that activates in the stillness of statuary. The left hand of this Buddha is raised in protection gesture for all who gaze upon it. With a thin robe floating on a graceful body, the countenance of the Buddha is both humane and peaceful. A statue such as this would have been a beloved element on a family altar insuring peace and prosperity through the cycles of life. The bronze is an excellent example from the period. Aside from the aged condition, there is no major defect of any kind.

Walking Buddha
Private Collection

Thai Bronze Walking Buddha
Walking Buddha

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