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Thunder God Lei Gong
Antique Chinese Boxwood Statue

Lei Gong

Thunder God Striking

Circa: Early Republics, 193-50s'
H 14 " (33cm.), W 7" (18cm.), D 6" (15cm.)
Condition: restoration, filled crack line
The God of Thunder, Lei Gong is venerated as a guardian deity in the Taoist pavilion. He is a demon queller and a punisher of mortals guilty of secret crimes. As shown here in this elaborately carved-through statue, Lei Gong is depicted as a fierce winged warrior, with bulging eyes and eagle beak, hovering above two men in a striking motion; the statue is portraying a timeless story of crime and punishment. The figures are powerful and crisp, lively and fluid in movements, carved in rounded curves, eloquent angle varies in depth. Aside from the minor restoration to the oar and a filled crack line, it is overall remaining in very good condition.

Thunder God
Sold to Private Collection

Thunder God Lei Gong rt
Thunder God Lei Gong  lt
Thunder God Lei Gong back view
Thunder God Lei Gong
Thunder God close up
Thunder God face close up
Thunder God Lei Gong

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