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Bamboo Grove Guanyin Antique Fruit Wood Buddha Statue

South Sea Kuan Yin 観音

Bestowing Wisdom

Origin: China. Circa: Qing, 19th- Century
H 21.6 in. (55cm), W 8 in. (20cm) D 4.5 in. (11.5cm)
Wormholes, age cracks, overall good condition!
An exquisite classic Tang style fruitwood sculpture depicts the Chinese Bodhisattva of Compassion, Kuan Yin. She wears a long robe with swirls and folds, seated in royal ease above the Potalaka rock enclave. Above her knee, she holds a wish-fulfilling Ruyi gracefully in her right hand. As her left hand displaying a wisdom-bestowing Shuni Mudra. Serene and austere, she meditates beneath an intricately carved through bamboo grove arch, paired with an open frame halo behind her shoulders. Accompanied by the Golden Boy Sudhana in adoration, they sit atop a wavy lotus leaf, above a flower bud that rises above the turbulent sea. Among the waves, a carp leaps forth to receive the teaching from the Bodhisattva. This antique wood shrine has a honey color gold tone, with a few wormholes and minor age cracks; nevertheless, the high hand-polished close-grained wood surface aged beautifully, possibly red sandalwood, in a firm and good condition.

Bamboo Grove Guanyin
Private Collection

Bamboo Grove Guanyin lt
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Bamboo Grove Guanyin
Bamboo Grove Guanyin
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Bamboo Grove Guanyin
Bamboo Grove Guanyin

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