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Wood Dharmapala Pair
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Taoist Temple Guardian

Circa: 19th century and earlier
H 7.5 in.(19cm), W 3" (7.5cm), D 2.5 in.(6.4cm)
Restorations, aged condition!

Estimated value $800
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Chinese Taoist temples often feature murals of departed souls enduring torments in the neither-world. It divulges the Buddhist-Taoist purgatory of ten courts subdivided into various wards for punishing the evil doers. As featured in this pair of guardians, they are faithful custodians guarding the departed souls on the journey to Hades for the Ruler of Hell Yama 閻羅. The pair are lacquered in layers of robes with shoulder-length sashes like wings on their backs, horned with bulging eyes and square jaws, well carved with serene and dignified facial expressions. They stand firmly with legs apart on circular pedestals. One guard holds an orb-shaped weapon in his left hand; another holds a loop and a vase or stupa. This once gilded and lacquered Guardians of Hades evidently has been used for Taoist temple worship for hundreds of years. Despite their peeling gold leaves and aged condition, this scarce pair appears remarkably solid with a powerful presence.
Dharmapala Temple Guardians
Temple Guardian
Temple Guardian

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