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Antique Chinese Carved Dragon Jade Belt Clasp with Bat Silver Bail 明朝玉龍带扣
Antique Chinese Nephrite Jade Carving

Imperial Dragon

Bat Silver Bail

Circa: Ming period, 16th Century and earlier
H 2.5 in. (6.5cm), W 1.5 in. (4cm), D 0.5 in. (1.25cm)
Minor age wear. Overall excellent condition!
Semi-translucent nephrite jade in pale celadon green dotted with brown russet and calcified markings. In rectangular form with rounded corners, it features the bronze age motif of a Chinese dragon with mouth seizing on itself. The dragon is the emblem of the Imperial Chinese emperor. The belt clasp's design resembles the Ouroboros of the West, a universal symbol of creative force with transformative power. The jade clasp is carved with striking minimalist simplicity in perfect symmetry. Along with minor usage-worn through the ages, to secure its use, wrapped to the side is a later edition of an antique silver bail in the form of a bat 蝠 (good fortune 福). The jade dragon belt clasp is radiating with energy and mystique. Undoubtedly was once a many scholar's beloved pendant and toggle.

dragon jade belt
Private Collection

Imperial Dragon
Imperial Dragon
Imperial Dragon
Imperial Dragon

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