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Tibetan Tara Buddha Antique Tibetan Bronze Buddha Statue

White Tara

Goddess of Longevity

Origin: Tibet, Circa: 18th-19th Century
H 14 in.(36cm), W 10.25 in.(26cm), D 6 in.15cm)
Measurement not including wood pedestal
Condition: excellent
White Tara or Sitara is the Tibetan goddess of longevity and rejuvenation. Of the twenty-one depictions of Tara, White Tara transmits lucid vibrant compassion. Imagine sensuous, sumptuous femininity as luminous light, deep compassion and sublime equipoise and you begin perhaps to experience this beautiful healing goddess.

This rare antique Tibetan bronze statue is exceptional in its design and artistry. There is a deeply human and delicate aspect to this Tara. As is typical of traditional depictions of White Tara, this goddess has three visible open eyes that are rendered here at the ajana chakra and in the palm of each hand. Her countenance is a wonderful fusion of deep inner contentment, peace, equipoise and a sweet bemusement, an inner happiness that experiences the play of form, cycles and life as she embodies lucid emptiness. For deep practitioners it is said that one ultimately fully merges with the goddess: She is you and you are her.

Here Tara is beautifully framed in classic stance with two majestic lotuses. Her breasts are full ripe and melon-like. The gentle sweep of her hair, is crowned by a conch. One of the eight auspicious symbols, the conch represents the power of the Buddha’s teachings. It also signifies right speech the third factor of the noble eightfold path. Tara sits on a wood lotus base. The sealed bottom is replete with a crested mark. In exceptional condition, this is an extraordinary depiction of this seminal evocation of beauty: a fusion of physical and transcendent form. (SD)

White Tara
Tibetan White Tara Buddha

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