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Green Tara Buddha Antique Tibetan Bronze Buddha Statue

Green Tara

Goddess of Mercy

Origin: Tibet, Circa: Early 19th Century
H 14 in.(36cm), W 9 in.(23cm), D 6.3 in.(16cm)
Condition: abrasions, o.a. excellent
This early 19th century Tara is sumptuously wrought. Her curves and lines depict a beautiful young woman as does her countenance that is both beautifully and deeply peaceful. She is regenerative to those who let their eyes and the flow of their mind rest upon her. The patina on this statue is rich, as is the intricate ornamentation, the regal diadem and the delicately arched lotuses that frame her on her right and left side. She beckons to be touched as well as taken in with the eyes. It is this gesture within the practices of traditional Tibetan tantric Buddhism which is said to bring the goddess to life within you and within your life. This beautifully rendered antique Tibetan bronze is in excellent condition.

Tara is the magnificent and most popular feminine Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism. She is both a symbol of the universal mother as she connects into the Earth and the manifestation element, a symbol of deep compassion that it is infinite in its breadth and lucid in its kindness. She is known as the source of deep refuge. She is the defender of those who in uncertain times and moments benefit from fearless compassionate protection. (SD)

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