Antique Buddha Museum Statues
Acala Buddha Gilded Bronze Silver Inlays Buddha Statue

White Tara

Coral and Turquoise inlays

Origin: Tibet, Circa: 19th Century
H 10" (26cm), W 7" (18cm), D 4.5" (11.5cm)
Condition: , o.a. excellent
White Tara (Sitatara) is the youthful, luminous bodhisattva of universal compassion and longevity. Here, she is gracefully rendered in gilded bronze. Her skirt is detailed with intricate silver inlay and her diadem is set with precious coral and turquoise. With her youthful body, delicate tilt of the chin and her softly downcast eyes she evokes a sumptuous, compelling human quality. Tara sits in padmasanam asana. Her hands are arched in the varada and vitarka mudras, while lotus stems (one opened and one in bud) rise up to frame her in delicate balance. This piece is an exquisite example of 19th Tibetan statuary. White Tara statuary such as this is a rare and unusual find.
Gilt Bronze White Tara
Private Collection

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