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White Tara Antique Tibetan Gilded Bronze Statue

White Tara

Goddess of Longevity

Origin: Tibet, Circa: early 1900s'
H 8.5 in.(22cm), W 7 in.(18cm), D 3.5 in.(9cm)
Condition: green stains, o.a. excellent!

Private Collection

Lavishly gilded in copper and a high percentage of gold on a bronze cast in three-metals, this antique Tibetan White Tara, Goddess of Compassion and Long Life, is considered most revered. Here she is wearing a seven-pronged crown, her youthful face leaning slightly to the right, with hands in teaching gesture (Dhyana mudra ), and holding two Lotus flowers that ascend above her shoulders. The Goddess is dressed in a pleated dhoti with strands of pearls and arm bands, seated in lotus posture on a lotus throne, with eleven petals unfolding in gold and tinned black. Her emblems are prominently raised in gilded gold, heightening a strong definition over the copper skin tone, both her garment and the lotus pedestal are detailed with time-consuming, stamped and hand-chased intricate motifs on hot metal. This antique Tibetan White Tara statue was acquired from a traveling Buddhist monk in India, and was legally exported from Tibet with the customs inspection wax seal intact. The superb quality of this statue suggests that it was made for worship in a temple or a monastery. Although we conservatively attributed this statue as from the early 1900s, there is a strong possibility that it was made in the 19th century.
White Tara

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