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Gilt Bronze Bhaisajyaguru

Vintage Gilt Bronze Buddha Statue

Medicine Buddha

Dharmachakra Rinpoche

Origin: China. Circa: 1930s'
H. 8 in.(20cm), W. 7 in.(18cm), D. 4.5 in.(11.5cm)
Condition: very good!
Rendered with lively characteristics, this gilded bronze Lama Rinpoche brings to life intrinsic healing energy. Here the Teacher is seated upright in an austere equipoise on a half-moon cushion overlay with intricate motifs. He is dressed in an elaborately layered traditional Tibetan monk robe, harmonized with asymmetry of curves and folds that adds to a perfect equilibrium to the figure. In his right hand he displays the Varada mudra, and in his left the Dhyana mudra that holds a flame-shaped dharma-chakra, the eight-spoked Dharma Wheel of the eight treasures that symbolizes the Eightfold Noble Path to nirvana; thus the figure beckons us to identify him to be one of the eight brothers of the Bhaisajyaguru, whose healing power flows forth in the practices of Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration. According to tradition, the Dharma Wheel was initially turned when Shakyamuni delivered his first sermon. Visualize the Buddha and meditate upon his teaching are the dharma that dissolves the veils of ignorance. This portrait quality Rinpoche evokes sacred geometries rendered in human form. The statue is in very good condition.

Private Collection

Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha Brother
Consecrated Copper Base
Our understanding of Buddhism is not just an intellectual understanding. True understanding is in actual practice itself. --Shunryu Suzuki
Dharma  Chakra Buddha
 Bhaisajyaguru Brother
Bhaisajyaguru closeup
Medicine Buddha closeup

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