Antique Buddha Museum Statues
Rare Gilded Silver Bronze Buddha Statue


Coral and Turquoise inlays

Origin: Tibet, Circa: 18th-19th Century
H 10.6" (27cm), W 6.7" (17cm), D 4.7" (12cm)
Condition: excellent!
Vajrasattva is a tantric archetype deity, a bodhisattva who helps beings on the path. The word vajra means diamond or thunderbolt and is associated with power, maleness and an essential clarity.
This rare depiction of Vajrasattva, parcel gilded silver in bronze with a smooth gold shine is a rare and unique find from 18th-19th century Tibet. The youthful handsome face and body is adorned with intricately rendered jewelry, earrings, necklaces and arm-band bracelets inset with precious coral and turquoise. (Two inlays are missing: a coral in the left arm bracelet and a turquoise in the wrist of the right hand.) The active tilt of the deity’s head along with the life-like gestures of the hands, which hold the vajra and bell, brings this statue to life. Here, we are given the sense that this deity is dynamically in the midst of fundamental tantric rituals where the male principle represented by the right hand and the vajra and the female principle represented by the bell are brought together in union. There is a note worthy feature---a warrior’s helmet that is representative of Vajrasattva’s fierce aspects. The steady gaze of the eyes and the prominent third eye represents the all-seeing clarity of this deity. His ability to cut through illusion and binding emotions is powerful and present.

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