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Manjusri Buddha Antique Tibetan Bronze Buddha Statue


Buddha of Literature

Origin: Tibet, Circa: 19th Century
H 11.8 in.(30cm), W 9.8 in.(25cm), D 6.7 in.(17cm)
Condition: , o.a. excellent!
This antique Tibetan bronze is a magnificent rendering of this potent deity. Manjushri, known as the Buddha of Divine Learning also deepens lucid clarity and unshakable concentration. This is indicated by the flaming sword he carries in his right hand. His left hand is poised in the mudra of peace and compassion from which springs forth a lush lotus and the Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Heart Sutra. Manjusri’s mantra (Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhih) enhances wisdom and improves one's skills in debating, memory, writing, and explaining.
The incisive endless knott gold motif is indicative that this a more serious piece. This highly intricate work is traditionally completed after the casting. The countenance of the Buddha communicates peace and concentration. Seated in a diamond position, the robes of this Buddha are intricately wrought in high detail. The uppermost gilt hair knot representing Vajrasattva, with hair that flows to both sides of the Bodhisattvas' shoulders. He wears a three-pointed crown. Two falling sashes flutter and shudder on either side. Manjushri sits on a fully rendered lotus that is depicted in full petals in the front and then breaks into intricate pattern in the back of the statue. This antique bronze has a distinct Pala institute. It is in excellent condition a deep fusion of beauty and form, artistry and innate spiritual wisdom.

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