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Rosewood Quan Yin
Antique Rosewood Buddha Statue

Quan Yin

Blessing with Water Vase

Circa: Qing to Republic, 1920s'
h.25 in.(6.4cm) X w.6.5 in.(16.5cm) X d.6.5 in.(16.5cm)
Condition: minor crack, o.a. very good
Carved from a quality log of rosewood, this elegant antique wood statue is a classic rendition of the great compassion bodhisattva. Its size indicates it would have been part of a family altar and integral part of daily worship.

The posture of this downward gazing Quanyin resonants a deep essence of equanimity, while her sumptuous robe flows with a symmetrical fluidity over her perfect stillness. Her right hand is in the gesture of teaching (Vitarka Mudra), and her left holds a vase of elixer of life. At the crown of her head is a delicately rendered Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light. Her realistically rendered bared feet indicated her earthy presence. There is a sense of timelessness in this statue that is fused with the emanating dignity of this bodhisattva. Besides a couple of thin short hairline cracks, the statue is in very good condition.

Large Rosewood Kuan Yin
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Large Rosewood Kuan Yin

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