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Antique Gilded Wood Jewel Inlays Shrine


With Ten Buddhas

Origin: Tibet, Circa: 19th Century and earlier
H 14 in.(36cm), W 8.26 in.(21cm), D 4 in.(10cm)
Condition: excellent!
An exquisite magnificence resplendent in this antique Tibetan gilded wood shrine. Bejeweled with precious stones and exquisite evocations and emanations of the Buddha this is a substantial object of artistry and worship rarely available for Private Collections.

This exquisitely modeled shrine (mChod shoms), at the center is Buddha Padmapani, the lotus bearer stands in a tribhanga or thrice-bent pose. His right hand makes the gesture of giving while the left signifies teaching. An intricate backdrop of silver filigree and a ring of distinct red coral jewelling frame this restive Buddha. Above Padmapani is the five Tathagatas (transcendent Buddhas) each colored and bejeweled at their lotus bases with coral and turquoise insets. These include Vairochana, The Supreme Buddha. Akshobhya, The Immovable Buddha. Amoghasiddhi, The Almighty Conqueror or Lord of Karma. Ratnasambhava, The Jewel Born One. Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light.

At Padmapani’s feet are two bodhisattvas. Suryaprabha, Rays of the sun, a form of Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava. The second is Chandraprabha, the emanation of the moon. Both represent the coming together of the pingala and the Ida, the male and female, the duality of opposite resolved in the dance of One. Substantial pieces of distinguished grained turquoise ring the alembic perimeter of the shrine. The lacquered wood backing is distinguished by a stupa and two emblematic Buddhas with hands in protective mudras. At the base of the shrine, is a flourished plate of stylized dbu can script. The base of the altar has two distinguished bronze double vajras insets on the right and left side and is anchored on the front by a Lion, Vajrapani (the Buddha of Skillful means) and a Buffalo. This is magnificent artifact of ritual evocation: a center of daily worship for generations.(SD)

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Tibetan Padmapani Shrine
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