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Wood Amida Buddha
Antique Japanese Gilt Wood Buddha Shrine

Amida Nyorai

Welcoming All Soul

Circa: Edo Period, 19th century
H 25 in. (63.5cm), W 9 in. (23cm), D 5.5 in. (14cm)
Aged condition, overall very good!
The Buddha of Infinite Light before a silvered mirror sunbeam mandola in a serene meditative stance; his robes are in gilded gold, with brushed cold gold for the figure, and crystal inlaid for the eyes. Amida Buddha is standing on a loti-form pedestal composed of an assembly of lotus petals. His hands formed the raigo-in mudra to welcome the faithful to the Pure Land. The figure is made of Japanese cypress in joined blocks construction in perfect symmetry. The head and body consist of front and back halves joined on the side, and a carved hollow-core designed to prevent cracks from occurring in time. With only a little peeled gold leaf on its lower backside, and a thin age crack near the incense smoke-darkened arms and shoulders, the overall fine condition of this gorgeous Amida is affirmative for this renowned sculptural technique despite the centuries passed.

Sunray Amida Buddha

Private Collection

Amida Buddha rt
Amida Buddha lt
Gilt Wood Amida Buddha
Amida Buddha Shrine back
Amida Buddha close-up
Gilt Wood Amida Buddha
Amida Buddha Shrine back

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