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Antique Chinese Marble Buddha Statue

Holding Medicine Bowl
Circa: Qing dynasty, 19th century
H. 18 in.(47cm), W. 10 in.(25cm), D. 6.5 in.(16.5cm)
Condition: minor chips, o.a. very good!

When the young prince Shakyamuni was born, astrological predictions were made that he would either be a great king or an extraordinary spiritual being who would renounce the world. His father, the king, hoping his son would inherit the kingdom, named him Shakyamuni: “one who fulfills his father’s wishes”. But it was the path of renunciation that was this young man’s destiny. When he became enlightened Shakyamuni became a lucid and beautiful reminder that within each one of us is a seed of boddhicitta, compassionate enlightenment waiting to flower into fullness.

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Marble Shakyamuni Buddha

This 19th century Qing dynasty white marble statue is a classical depiction of the Shakyamuni after his enlightenment. There is an elegant simplicity in the lines, a sumptuous roundness, a plumpness to the body that is characteristic of Ming era depictions of deities whether Buddhist or Taoist. Such depictions show a demonstrated fecundity and abundance that is the root of well being in the terrestrial realm. The head of the statue is almost pear-like in shape with a subtle indication of the ushnisha (stylistically Qing) in the elongated crown. The head slightly tilted forward has the classically elongated ears. Signs of good fortune nobility and spiritual providence that allows for deep full listening. The Buddha’s countenance exudes a sweet beneficence and deep kindness. The robes are simply but evocatively wrought, a series of folds provides depth and breadth. Shakyamuni holds a medicine bowl which time and usage has shaped into an irregular cube. The figure sits on a rectangular lotus base with well-defined petals. The statue exhibits the soft lines of usage and would have probably been a central part of a family temple where daily offerings of innocence and food were made.

Marble Shakyamuni BuddhaMarble Shakyamuni Buddha
Marble Shakyamuni Buddha
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