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Elongated Amitabha
Antique Chinese Bronze Buddha Statue

Amida Buddha

Standing in Medition

Jin Dynasty Style, circa: 1115-1234 A.D.
H 12 in(25cm), W 2.5 in(6.5cm), D 2.5 in(6.5cm)
Condition: Very good
The Buddha, Amitabha, with eyes down cast in meditation, hands locked in dhyana mudra, each foot standing above a drop-leaf lotuses above a rectangular pedestal. A rather unconventional style_ in particular of the statue's highly elongated body, which encompasses certain delicate qualities of the Song (960-1279) statues. Although the cloak that falls off to his right shoulder, and the symmetrical design in the folded pleats of the robe are more typical of statues of the Jin periods. To better apprehend its unique beauty, it is note worthy that the profound harmony and superb casting of this figure is thoroughly Chinese in origin. Thus the absence of Tibetan influence indicated that the statue was made before the Yuen dynasty in the 13th century. The bronze is aged in soft dark patina, and shaded with small patches of malachite throughout.

Private Collection

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