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Tibetan Shanka
Antique Coral inlays Silver Seal


Ashtamangala Matsyayugma Seal

Origin: Tibet. Circa: 19th Century
H 8.7 in.(22cm), W 2.4 in.(6cm), D 4 in.(10cm)
Condition: Excellent
Tibetan seals represent the unique artistry of the culture. As in China, seals were used for authentication and authorization, the mark of the master. This 19th monastery silver seal is an exceptional example. Ornately carved into the bottom is the Matsyayugama, one of the Ashtamangala (the eight auspicious signs of the Buddha) (Matsyayugma, is the Golden fish that represents both fertility and release from suffering.)

The body of the seal exhibits artistic mastery. Look closely and the figures come to life. Woven into the silver floral patterns are two royal Buddhas in meditation, two helmeted warriors poised with a sword in hand, and deer. There are twenty-four precious inlays of coral and turquoise in varying shapes and forms. The band at the midpoint is finely engraved.

The hole on the side is for the deerskin chord that allows the owner to wear the piece around his or her neck or waist. Hold the seal in your hand and you will feel the weight of the silver and the sumptuous, tactile detail. In this exceptional 19th century seal, art, beauty and sacred function are fully realized. (SD)

Tibetan Shanka Seal

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Tibetan Shanka
Tibetan Shanka
Tibetan Shanka
Tibetan Shanka

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