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Ko Bizen Buddha

Vintage Japanese Bizen Yaki Okimono


God of Luck / Shichifukujin

Circa: early Showa,1950s’
H 8 in. (20cm), W 3 in. (7.5cm), D 3 in. (7.5cm)
Condition: excellent!
Fukurokujo was introduced to Japan from China in the 15th century. The name "Fukurokuju" is a combination of three Chinese characters, "Fu 福," "Lu 祿," and "Shu 壽." Three Chinese Star Gods of Good Fortune: The god of wisdom, wealth, and longevity. In this intimate portrait of the God of Longevity, the charming Lucky God appears squatty with an elongated cranium, cheerfully smiling with goat teeth and a well-drawn long beard. He is dressed in a traditional long robe with flowing contours in perfect symmetry, holding a censer or large pearl in his two hands in revered contemplation. The masterfully modeled Bizen okimono is unglazed. Its ironlike hardness and silkened deep burgundy color are the direct results of firing in a kiln, where 1200°C is maintained for over two weeks.

Manjusri Buddha
Estimated Value $400
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Bizen Yaki Fukurokuju lt
Bizen Yaki Fukurokuju Rt
Bizen Star God Fukurokuju
Bizen God of Luck lt
Bizen God of Luck Rt
Bizen Star God Fukurokuju

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