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Ko Bizen Buddha

Antique Japanese Bizen Yaki Okimono

Happy Buddha 快乐佛

Hotei with Chinese Fan

Signed: Ko. Circa: Early Meiji, 19th century
Figure: h. 9 in. (23cm), w. 10 in. (25cm), d. 8 in. (20cm)
Pedestal: h. 2 in. (5cm), w. 10 in. (25cm), d. 10 in. (25cm)
Condition: excellent!
In this intimate portrait of Hotei, the charming Happy Buddha appears chubby with a bald round cranium. He is seated in the classic royal easy lalitasana posture, leaning slightly to a treasure sack by his side, holding a Chinese fan in his right hand, with his left hand rests on the raised knee, revealing his finely carved tongue and teeth in a cheerful smile, and radiating an irrepressibly mirthful individuality that brings alive the benevolence of the Buddha.

The masterfully modeled figure is hand-sculpted, with the artist’s finger imprints visible inside the opened base. Including a hand-scripted variant character Ko (古) on the interior wall. Despite its iron-hard substance from two weeks of 1200°C firing, the distinct senescence on its unglazed surface reveals its ancient origin. Consistent with the style and artistry of the period. This rare Ko-Bizen-yaki okimono (古備前焼) is tentatively attributed to the 17th-century Momoyama period, and certainly no later than the Edo era. In excellent preservation.

Manjusri Buddha
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Ko Bizen Happy Buddha lt
Ko Bizen Happy Buddha Rt
Ko Bizen Hotei
Ko Bizen Hotei lt
Ko Bizen Hotei Rt
Ko Bizen Budai
Ko Bizen Budai close up
Ko Bizen Budai close up

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