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Shinran Shonin Antique Japanese Gilt Wood Buddha

Shinran Shonin

Founder Saint of Jodo Shinshu

Origin: Japan, Circa: Taisho, early 1900s'
H 13 in.(33cm), W 3.5 in.(9cm), D 3.5 in.(9cm)
Condition: Very Good!
A fine wood carving of Shinran as an old master above a budding lotus on an elevated pedestal. This beautifully carved and gilded Shinran Shonin depicts the founder of Jodo Shinshu School in a solemn abhanga stand. The unadorned figure is erect but in a relaxed cant, in his hands he is holding a string of prayer beads, with eyes downcast in a serene and meditative stance, his lifelike features denote a spiritual presence, which outshines the formalism frequently found in similar carvings. In spite of its age, there is only a minor gilt yellowing from past devotional incense rituals. The figure is sublime and is in superb condition.

Private Collection

Shinran Shonin
Shinran Shonin

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