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Acala Buddha Tibetan Gilded Bronze Buddha Statue

Medicine Buddha


Origin: Tibet, Circa: 19th Century
H 17.7 in (45cm), W 14.5 in (37cm), D 9.8 in (25cm)
Condition: abrasion, o.a. very good
This is a magnificent rendering of Bhaisajyaguru; the size of this bronze is prodigious. The proportions evoke symmetrical sacred geometries rendered in human form. This classical depiction shows the Medicine Buddha in the beautifully flowing traditional monk’s robes. In his left hand Bhaisajyaguru holds a medicine bowl filled with the healing elixir that transforms all ills. In his right hand the Buddha holds the myrobalan plant (Terminalia chebula) a potent healing panacea.

The countenance of this Buddha holds a deep equipoise. It is from here, this place of deep peace and lucid contentment “santosha” that true healing flows forth. This is the gift of Bhaissajyaguru. This 19th century Tibetan bronze is an exceptional find and in very good condition.

Bhaisajyaguru translates as “Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light”. The Medicine Buddha helps to vibrantly transform the roots of inner sickness: attachment, hatred, ignorance and pride. This is medicine that encompasses a wide and holistic view of health. True to the bodhisattva ideal as we heal ourselves the world and those around us are transformed. The Medicine Buddha is revered in Tibet, China, Korea and Japan.

Delve into such texts as the 17th century Blue Beryl Treatise (The Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine) and you will find a full explication of a syncretic approach to medicine that fuses a deep knowledge of physical anatomy with the energy bodies (as expressed through the nadi’s and chakras); a complex and highly sophisticated approach to herbal medicinals, and an in depth embryology all which is integrated with a deep understanding of the affects of the soul’s karmic evolution on our present health.

Tibetan Medicine Buddha
Private Collection

Medicine Buddha

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