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Medicine Buddha Tibetan Gilded Bronze Buddha Statue

Medicine Buddha

Bhaisajya Guru

Origin: Tibet, Circa: early 20th Century
H 18 in (46cm), W 13 in (33cm), D 10 in (26cm)
Condition: excellent!
A magnificent Medicine Buddha rendered in superb artistry, with strong definition and fine details richly gilded in gold. The statue is a heavy cast bronze in two parts, and it weights over 11 kgs (24 lbs). The Bhaisajyaguru is seated in full lotus position, stylistically adhered to traditional proportions that evoke symmetrical sacred geometries. This classical depiction shows the Medicine Buddha is dressed in flowing traditional monk robes, his left hand holds a medicine bowl filled with the healing elixir that transforms all ills, and in his right hand he holds the myrobalan plant that heals all ills. The Bhaisajyaguru appears to have a youthful facial features, with eyes downcast in a countenance that holds a transcendental equipoise.
Tibetan Medicine Buddha

Private Collection

Tibetan Medicine Buddha
Tibetan Medicine Buddha
Bhaisajya Guru Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha

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