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Edo Amida Nyorai Antique Japanese Lacquered Gilt Wood

Amida Nyorai

Raigo Mudra Meditation

Circa: Edo Period, 19th century
H 10 in.(25cm), W 4.25 in.(11cm), D 3.5 in.(9cm)
Condition: Flaws on nimbus, gilt loss, o.a. good condition.
An Edo lacquer gilt Amida Buddha in meditation on a high plinth, with hands in the teaching gesture known as Raigo Mudra in Jodo Shinsu tradition. The face of Amida appears youthful, eyes down cast and a slight smile that convey a marvel of serenity; equally dazzling is the elaborately layered lotus throne, where Amida seated in full lotus above a cushion surrounded by upturned petals, over a multi-layers of finely carved foliate and floral, renditions of traditional motifs that comprise a Pure Land Buddhist platform, which elevating the Buddha figure with an essence of spiritual equipoise that shines forth wonderfully. Although some minor imperfections and a barely noticeable crack line are found on the limbus, much of the gilding and black and red lacquer effectively preserved this fine antique statue and added a soft rich natural patina of ages.

Private Collection

Amida Buddha rt
Amida Buddha lt
Amida Buddha base
Amida Nyorai back
Amida Nyorai front

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