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Jadeite Chilong Dragon Belt Hook Antique Chinese Archaic Green Jade Carving 古董青玉雕螭龍钩
Antique Chinese Jadeite Carving

Chilong 螭龍

Archaic Belt Hook 龙钩

Origin: China. Circa: early 20th Century
H 1 in.(2.5cm) X W 3.4 in.(8.6cm) X D 0.8 in.(2cm)
Weight 58 grams
Condition: Excellent!
A nearly translucent-clear jadeite belt hook, well carved with a dragon-head terminal coming up against a striding Chilong dragon over a bed of clouds exhaling from its mouth. A circular stud on the opposite side. The stone is of a light celadon green with a faint tint of blue and translucent cloud-white inclusions. Robustious in an archaic practical form with charms. A pleasure to behold.

jadeite chilongbelt hook
Estimated Value $400
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Chilong 螭龍
Chilong 螭龍
Chilong 螭龍
Chilong 螭龍
Chilong 螭龍

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