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Reishi Bat Vintage Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade lingzhi Feng Shui Page Turner 蝙蝠靈芝如意翡翠玉珮
Vintage Chinese Jadeite Page Turner

Lucky Bat 蝙蝠

On Lingzhi Fungus 靈芝

Circa: early 20th Century
h. 4.75 in. (12 cm), w. 1 in. (2.5 cm), 30 grams
Condition: excellent!
Semi-translucent ice white jadeite with enchanting green inclusions, a lingzhi in the form of a Feng Shui Ruyi scepter 如意, with two ancient Chinese coins adorning the intertwined stem, a bat 蝠 (good fortune) with spread wings gorging in the center of the magic fungus. Expertly carved, highly polished on both sides, with all rounded edges and a resinous fluid surface, lending the piece an incredible lightness and graceful decorum. It radiates with splendor and mystique. This jadeite toggle is a Chinese emblem of prestige and good fortune.

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Lucky Bat
Lucky Bat
Lucky Bat

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