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Embracing Consort on Pretas

Circa: 19th century and earlier
H 7.5 in.(19cm), W 5.5 in.(14cm), D 3 in.(7.5cm)
Condition: minor abrasions.
A fierce form of the compassionate Avalokiteshvara, beautifully cast in several sections with hand-chased details, this 19th century statue of Hayagriva with consort Marichi is standing in pratyalida pose. Clasping his consort in his front left hand he holds a skull cup filled with transformed blood and guts of sentient beings. Hayagriva wears a belt strung with freshly severed heads, a lion skin loincloth with the head attached. Both figures holding choppers in their right hands, and wearing skull crowns, armlets, anklets and strands of bone beads. Beneath their feet are vanquished pretas, representing the grasping human ego. The two deities are set atop a 24 petals lotus throne, which is consecrated and sealed with a viswa vajra copper plate, untouched and is in very good condition.

Bronze Hayagriva Marichi
Private Collection

Hayagriva Marichi Bronze Statue
Hayagriva Marichi Statue back
Hayagriva Marichi
Hayagriva Marichi Yab Yum

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