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guanyu zhangfei
Antique Chinese Rosewood Statue

God of War

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei

Origin: China, circa: early 1900s'
H 17 in.(44cm), W 9 in.(23cm), D 7.5 in.(19cm)
Masurement including height of weapon: 22 in. (56cm)
Condition: minor imperfection, overall good!
Guan Yu (Japanese: Kanu) the God of War, is a patron saint of many trade. He is considered as the God of Wealth, and a tutelary deity of business in Chinese culture.

As depicted in this statue of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei standing in close proximity, two mythical heroes in strategic alliance as blood-brothers in the Romance of The Three Kingdoms. The statue is carved in round in stylized realism, with dynamic movements and expressive facial features, torrential swirls of flowing garments and deeply incised elaborate patterns that represents the warriors' armors, dragon and taotie mask. The figures are thoroughly sculpted both in front and backside. The wood is heavy with an aged burgundy red color, a small chip near the base, and a few shrinkage hairline cracks. No damage or visible restorations and is overall in very good condition.

Estimated value $1500
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Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
Romance of Three Kingdom

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