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Red Buddha Amitabha

Golden Lotus Style Meditation

Origin: Southeast Asia, Burma. Circa: early 1900s'
H 28 in. (71cm), W 15 in. (38cm), D 11 in. (28cm))
Aged condition!
Exhibiting a dominant Thai influence, this seated Buddha is likely from Burma, Laos or other nearby Southeast Asia area. The large red Buddha with his dignified posture, his slight smile yet serene facial expression indicates his compassionate nature, and it is noteworthy that his crossed eyes, which indicated the meditative state known as "Golden Lotus". The aged statue has a few minor chips and numerous filled age cracks; Nevertheless, the Buddha is radiating with a spiritual essence and is overall remaining in good and solid condition.

Sold to Private Collection

Red Burmese Buddha
Meditation Buddha
Red Buddha
Burmese Buddha
Red Buddha close up
Golden Lotus Meditation!

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