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Jurojin Minogame Okimono Antique Japanese Carved Wood Okimono

Jurojin 寿老人

Star God and Dragon Turtle

Sigature not translated. Circa: Meiji-Taisho, 1920s'
H 13 in.(33cm), W 9 in.(22.5cm), D 8 in.(20cm)
Measurement not including staff height.
Filled age crack, overall very good condition!
Jurojin, the Lucky Star God of South Pole is one of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune introduced into the Japanese culture in the early 14th century. As seen in this virile carving on Japanese white oak (Shirakashi 白樫); the Taoist deity is sat in serene contemplation, accompanied by a small dragon turtle (minogame) next to his right foot. He held a staff in his right hand, wearing the robes of a scholar and a Shinto style head-dress, in a sublime pose that conveys strength and dignity. The features of the Star God are sharply observed, with the tight flow of angular lines artfully representing a larger-than-life image of the God of Fortune, who believed to be an incarnation of the God of Longevity administers the span of life on earth for all mankind; and also worshipped as the patron saint of scholarly success throughout the centuries.

Sold to Private Collection

God of Luck Jurojin
Jurojin Shichifukujin
Jurojin Wood Base
Jurojin Okimono Signed
Jurojin Okimono back view
Lucky God Jurojin and Minogame
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