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Holding Medicine Bowl

Orgin: Tibet, circa: early 20th century
H 13 in.(33cm) x W 8.5 in.(22cm)
An austere earth pointing Shakyamuni sitting in perfect equipoise on a lotus throne. The Buddha is holding a medicine bowl, serenely offering the healing power of the Dharma that leads to enlightenment. The countenance of the Buddha appears to be eternally youthful. His lustrous right arm and bared upper chest are shimmering in gilded pure gold, curves and folds of fabric in geometric perfection, with meticulously hand traced motifs overlaying the monk robe and lotus throne, bearing the deeply carved Eight Auspicious Signs (ashtamangala) of good fortune, which represents the offerings bestowed by the gods. In light of the radiating presence of this ultra fine bronze. There is no doubt that the statue was cast from the hands of an indisputable master dedicated exclusively for temple use. The age of the statue is attributed the early 20th century. The base plate is intact, though may have been replaced at some point. Overall it is in very good conditions.

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Gold Shakyamuni Buddha
Gold Shakyamuni Statue

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