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En no Gyoja Zushi
Antique Wood Statue and Zushi

En no Gyoja

Founder of Shugendo Sect

Edo Period. Circa: 19th century or earlier
H 9 in.(23cm), W 3.5 in.(9cm), D 2.25 in.(5.5cm)
Zushi: H. 11 inches (28cm)
Aged minor abrasionss, good condition!
Enshrined in a lacquered zushi, this small but spirited statue is a rare representation of En no Gyoja, the legendary founder of Shugendo Sect in the early 8th century, and later granted the honorary title: Shinben Dai Bosatsu by Emperor Kokaku in the 18th century. En no Gyoja is believed to have lived an itinerant life in the mountains, he is regarded as a patron saint for those who practiced spiritual devotion in a secular life. This characteristic sculpture shows him as a bearded ascetic, holding a scepter and sutra scroll in hands, bare feet, wearing a hooded monk robe with a cloak of leaves. The image is realistic and serene, with emphasis on the sage's wizened body. Meticulously painted over a lacquered wood surface; which mellowed through ages with added enchantment.

Private Collection

En no Gyoja Daibosatsu rt
En no Gyoja Daibosatsu lt
En no Gyoja Daibosatsu
En no Gyoja Daibosatsu back
En no Gyoja Zushi
En no Gyoja Zushi
En no Gyoja Zushi

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