Antique Buddha Museum Statues
White Tara Statue
Nepalese Gold Gilt Bronze Buddha

White Tara

Goddess of Long Live

Nepal, circa: 18-19th century
H 8.25 in.(21cm), W 5 in.(12.5cm), D 3.25 in.(8.5cm)
Condition: Very good w/ minor restoration
White Tara is seated in full lotus posture on a double lotus throne, with both hands in the Dhyana mudra, the teaching gesture. Lotus flowers ornament her shoulders; she is wearing a pleated dhoti with strands of pearls, and arm bands. The incised details of the face and the goddess' tear-shaped urna, her large almond-shaped eyes and long, narrow nose are features that reflect her Indian origin. Slight restoration at the right lower torso.
There are twenty-one forms of Tara. The two most important forms are Green Tara and White Tara. White or green, she is a female Buddha and meditation deity, born from a compassionate tear of Avalokitesavara, White Tara is the goddess of long life. Her name, "tar", is derived from Sanskrit, meaning "to cross over", as she is one who helps sentient beings to cross over the ocean of samsara (worldly existence). Tara was introduced into Tibet in the seventh century, and became the most popular goddess there.
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