Antique Buddha Museum Statues
Tibetan Avalokiteshvara Antique Gilt Bronze Buddha


Turning Dharma Wheel

Origin: Tibet. Circa: 19th Century
H 8.7 in.(17cm), W 6 in.(15cm), D 4 in.(10cm)
Condition: minor gilt loss, o.a. good

Private Collection

>There is a subtle action implicit within the deep contemplation of this 19th century antique bronze gilt statue. Manjushree is a disciple of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, he represents lucid wisdom, intelligence and realization. This bronze exhibits high detail and artistry, the dhoti exhibits several different ornate patterns that overflow out onto the base. There is two rising lotuses on either side of the deity: One which is intertwined with Manjushree’s sword of wisdom and discrimination that rapidly cuts away wrong-view and attachment. The Buddha’s hands are elegantly placed in the mudra of ‘turning the dharma wheel”: all things pass and move with time. Still in the center, deep in the lucid emptiness nothing clings all fades away: everything and nothing in the single moment. The bottom of the statue is stamped with the maker’s mark. The bronze has minor gilt loss that indicates usage over time otherwise it is in very good condition. (SD)

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