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Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin

Antique Chinese Bronze Buddha Statue

Avalokiteshvara 觀世音菩薩

Karana and Teaching Mudras

Origin: China, Circa: early 20th Century
Seal marked: Great Ming Xuande Year Made
H 34 in. (86cm), W 18 in. (46cm), D 11 in. (28cm)
Net weight: 60 lbs. Condition: excellent!
Avalokiteshvara is the bodhisattva of infinite compassion who has no bounds and is present for all beings regardless of race, creed, or past actions. Ultimately, this is understood not to be outside ourselves but is the essence of who we are, a boundless universe in oneself when we see with wisdom and feel with compassion.
This profoundly contemplative Avalokiteshvara statue reveals the still, vibrant, compassionate inner state of realized bodhicitta into an elegantly articulated comprehensive form. The Bodhisattva of Compassion is seated in the padmasana position; with his sumptuously shaped feet gracefully upturned, eyes gazing downward in meditation, he displays a teaching mudra in his left hand and an obstacle removing mudra in his right with beautifully articulated fingers. He wears a five-pointed high crown. His topknot is rendered with circular parallel hairlines and adorned with the diadem a sculpted figure of Amitabha Buddha, along with two elaborate budding lotus flowers rise next to his shoulders as the metaphor for his earthly emanation as a lotus-born bodhisattva. On closer views reveal a subtle level of intricate motifs embedded in etched filigree, adding an ardent tension to the depth of serenity conveyed in sculptural form. The symmetric simplicity in design is complimented with ornamentations and meticulous finishing. The bronze patina shows the passage of time. It appends gravitas to this exceptional Chinese bronze Buddha that reaches the hearts.

Great Ming Dynasty Xuande Emperor Seal Mark


Estimated Value $5000
text/call: 510-556-3555

Avalokiteshvara Compassion Bronze Buddha lt
Guan Yin Chinese Bronze Buddha rt.
Avalokiteshvara Buddha back view
Avalokiteshvara Compassion  Bodhisattva
Avalokiteshvara close up
Manjushri Bodhisattva back view
 Antique Chinese Compassion Buddha

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