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Tibetan Gilt Bronze Mahakala Statue Sino Tibetan Gilt Bronze Buddha Statue

Lion Face Mahakala

Holding Chopper and Skull Cup

Origin: Tibet. Circa: 19th Century
H 7.5 in.(19cm), W 5 in.(12.5cm), D 2.5 in.(6.5cm)
Condition: excellent!

Private Collection

A Lion Face Mahakala with special power to dissolve obstacles into emptiness. With bulging eyes and a staring third eye, the expression of his face is fearsome. Here he is fierce, active and holds a chopper vajra in his right hand, and in his left hand a skull filled with the life blood of hindering spirits, in which mental agitation and illusions are chopped up and transformed to create the Buddha consciousness. He is surrounded by flames of illuminating awareness, and wearing a crown of five skulls, which represent the transmutation of the five negatives afflictions of human nature into positive virtues. Thus, ignorance transforms into the wisdom of reality; pride becomes the wisdom of equanimity; attachment becomes the wisdom of discernment; jealousy becomes the wisdom of accomplishment and anger transforms into mirror like wisdom. The Deity is gracefully held on a resplendent lotus above two pretas. Sealed with a double-vajra, this fine antique statue is in excellent condition.
Mahakala Pedestal
Mahakala Base
Tibetan Gilt Bronze Mahakala
Tibetan Gilt Bronze Mahakala Statue
Lion Face Mahakala

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