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Green Tara Statue
Antique Tibetan Bronze Buddha Statue

Goddess Green Tara

Divine Mother of Liberation

Origin: Tibet, Circa: Early 1900s'
H 6.25 in.(16cm), W 5 in.(12.5cm), D 3.25 in.(8cm)
Condition: excellent!

Tara Statue

Exceptional artistry expressed with strength and divine grace, this sumptuously cast statue of Green Tara, the goddess of compassion, she is worshipped as the universal mother, lucid in its kindness and known as the source of deep refuge. Here she seats in royal ease, right foot resting on a large lotus, with two full bloom lotus flowers flaming above her shoulders, her left hand is gracefully arched in vitarka mudra, and her right hand in charity mudra, her curves and lines reveal the form and countenance of a graceful young woman; she is youthful and radiates a spiritual luminosity, with quintessence of compassion and inner peace, she offers compassionate protection to all sentient being.

Private Collection

Goddess Tara
Goddess Green Tara
Green Tara Goddess

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