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Antique Burmese Wood Buddha


No Fear and Charity

Circa: 19th century
H 30 in.(75cm), W 10 in.(25cm), D 10 in.(25cm)
Condition: Good, minor chip on finger
Although Buddhist iconography states no jewelry is worn, crowned Buddhas are common throughout Burma, which reflect the prince status of the Historic Buddha Shakyamuni. This beautiful interpretation shows Shakyamuni standing atop a lotus flower. His right hand is in the gesture 'abbaya mudra' (banishing fear) and with his left arm bending, his left hand is in the gesture 'varada mudra' (giving). His hands convey a sense of balance, his right hand suggests reassurance while his left hand simultaneously conveys charity.
With his dignified posture and particularly with his half closed eyes, his face conveys the virtues of gentleness and meditative state. His slightly smiling, yet serene facial expression indicates his compassionate nature. His lotus flower inspired headpiece is topped with a simple, unadorned bud shaped finial. The statue has a small chip to the left finger, and an age crack near the left foot. It is overall in very good condition.

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