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Vintage Chinese Citrine Quartz Agate Crystal Lion Scholar's Rock Carving 神兽富狗獅子玛瑙君子石
Vintage Chinese Agate Carving

Four Guardian Lions


Scholar's Suiseki Stone
Circa: Early 20th century

H 3.75 in. (9.5cm), W 3 in. (7.5cm), D 2 in. (5cm)
Measurement does not include the glass dome pedestal
Condition: Excellent!
The Chinese guardian lion is the protector of the Buddhist faith. It is both a symbol of Chinese imperial power and the ineluctable force of Buddhist doctrine. Guardian lions are traditionally shown with a ferocious expression. However, such a prototype doesn't apply here on this scholar's rock crystal featuring four guardian lions frolicking on a rocky agate. The lions are dynamic and playful, with swirling manes spilling down their shoulders, highly expressive and awe-inspiring. Substantial in weight, brisk in translucency, and resinous in luster. While preserving its organic shape, the exquisite artistry of this four-lions scholar's stone barely perturbs the crystal's natural formation. It comes with a lighted glass dome for display purposes.

Estimated Value $300
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Four Guardian Lions
Four Guardian Lions
Four Guardian Lions
Four Guardian Lions
Four Guardian Lions

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