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Two Flying Cranes Page Turner Scroll Weight Vintage Japanese Shakudo Bronze Scholar Utensil 青銅雙鶴書擺件
Antique Japanese Shakudo Utensil

Two Tsuru 雙鶴

Page Turner / Letter Opener

Circa: Showa period, mid 20th Century
H 11.25 in. (28.5cm), W 1.75 in. (4.75cm), D 0.5 in. (1.75cm)
Condition: excellent!
An elegant Showa period Shakudo page-turner featuring two cranes with spreading wings, side by side flying above strips of long grass with clusters of millet. The larger crane is cast in high relief with intricately feathers and gold ambiance, layered over a smaller one in muted copper tone against a slightly darker background, where only one tree stump has been treated in an indigo brown. Otherwise, images on both sides appear identical. Crane symbolizes the relationship between father and son in Japanese and Chinese culture. It is also a symbol of fidelity and immortality when paired with the longevity peach, as shown here in the Sumi engraving on the blade. Considering the crane is a favorite subject of Japanese painting and poetry. Undoubtedly this vintage page-turner and scroll weight was once loved by many of its previous owners.

Japanese Crane Page Turner
Estimated Value $400
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Two Tsuru 雙鶴
Two Tsuru 雙鶴
Two Tsuru 雙鶴
Two Tsuru 雙鶴
Two Tsuru 雙鶴

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