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Tekkai & Gama Sennin Antique Kutani Charger Ceramic Platter 鉄拐仙人蝦蟇仙人九谷焼拼盤
Fine Antique Japanese Kutani Yaki

Tekkai Sennin 鉄拐仙人

Gama Sennin 蝦蟇仙人

Practicing Taoist Alchemy
Signed: Kutani Sei, Circa: 1920s'
H 2 in. (5cm), W 11.75 in. (30cm), D 11.75 in. (30cm)
Condition: excellent!
Decorated in polychrome enamels and gilt with transparent glaze, intricate revolving foliage bordered woven with traditional patterns, framing a misty atmosphere with pines in the background. The Kutani charger features the beloved Gama Senin and Tekkai Sennin, the two Taoist immortals known for alchemic knowledge of ethnopharmacology, the herbs and medicines that heal the body and soul. Seated in the front row is the rustic sage Gama Sennin bedecked in sumptuous gold robes. He is accompanied by the three-legged toad, practicing the alchemy of transforming thin air into gold. Behind him sits the sage Tekkai practicing spirit travel by exhaling his spirit. The platter is warmly rendered with an exquisite overglaze painting of vibrant colors mixed in earth tones; Hand scripted on the underside in Sumii: Kutani Sei. This Kutani charger is attributed to the late Meiji and early Showa period around the 1920s'.

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Tekkai Sennin 鉄拐仙人
Tekkai Sennin 鉄拐仙人
Tekkai Sennin 鉄拐仙人

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