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Three Immortals Antler Kiseruzutsu

Antique Japanese Stag Antler Tsutsu
Three Immortals Pipe case
Netsuke Signature: Ranshi, 19th Century

Recorded Artist In: 1) Netsuke, A Comprehensive Study Based
on the M.T. Hindson Collection by Neil K. Davey #1980
2) The Netsuke Handbook by UedaReikichi, #809

H 9in.(22.5cm.), W 1in.(2.5cm.), D .75 in.(2cm.)
Condition: Good,. small chip

The Japanese pipe case was used along with a tobacco box or pouch. It was made to hold the kiseru, a long stemmed and tiny bowl pipe that holds no more than three-puffs of tobacco. The pipe case is called "tsutsu" in common language. Similar to the inro, it is suspended by the same combination of silk cord and ojime. Concurrent with netsuke, tsutsu were in use during the Tokugawa, until Meiji and early Showa period. At first they were favored by common peasants, then gradually increasing numbers of samurai and aristocrats began to wear the elegantly crafted tsutsu, thus indirectly contributed to the diminishing use of netsuke.

This Beautiful 19th century stag antler tsutsu depicts a intricate rendering of three immortals and a small boy in deep release carving. Starting at the upper section of the pipe case, a Rakan with chin rested on two hands deeply absorbed in a book. The larger section below atop with the head of a dragon, and two immortals are shown beneath in surrounding floral motifs. The immortals are dressed in richly incised Chinese robes. The center figure appears to be an official or aristocrats, and the bald-headed old man seen greeted by a small boy is likely Fukurokuju. These figures are very spirited, and it is in a well arranged composition that leaves plenty for the eyes. The stag antler is beautifully polished, and an original aged golden patina with a even shine to the piece. It has no cracks, no losses, no damages, no restorations, and is in excellent condition.

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Three Immortals Antler Kiseruzutsu
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