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tibetan Gilt Bronze Mahakala
Sino Tibetan Gilt Bronze Buddha Statue


Holding Skull Cup

Origin: China. Circa: early 20th Century
H 15 in.(38cm), W 10.5 in.(24cm), D 6 in.(15cm)
Condition: excellent!
This is a magnificent rendition of Mahakala the great god of time and dissolution. An integral part of the Tibetan pantheon, Mahakala is the flip side of Avolokiteshvara and represents fierce compassion. This statue is dynamic alive and active. The nimbus of flames sets the stage for the deity. His countenance is active open and in movement. His eyes wide open. The third eye rests in perfect poise seeing all things arise in the field of emptiness. Mahakala holds the cutter in the left hand cutting through the contents of the skull-cup held in the left: Our petty desires, greed, lust, fear melt in the deity’s fiery fierceness. The crown of Mahakala’s head is majestically topped with five skulls. A serpent twines through his hair that mirrors the nimbus. A serpent also wraps over his full belly. Around his neck Mahakala wears a string of decapitated heads a tiger pelt dhoti complete with full paws is placed in his lap. He dances on a man in complete repose. Indeed, we each are asked to ultimately to surrender to time. Struggle and there is suffering. Surrender and perhaps we too can walk beyond the cycles of birth and death for a moment… or two. The moment folds into eternity. This early 20th Century Tibetan bronze is in exceptional condition. (SD)

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Gilt Bronze Mahakala Buddha

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