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Water Moon Quan Yin

Chinese Fruit Wood Buddha Statue
Water-moon Quanyin
Above Clouds On Lotus Pond
Qing Dynasty, circa: 19th century
H 23" (58cm.), W 12" (30cm.), D 5" (12.5cm.)
Condition: old break on base

The bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara was a male in India. He was worshipped in the realm of Amitabha Buddha. The Lotus Sutra lists his thirty-three transformations from male to female; which illustrates the infinity of means of salvation in his great compassion to rescue faithfuls from perils. Around the time of Sui dynasty in the 6th century, Avalokiteshvara began to transformed into a female deity, and identified in Chinese as Quan Yin (Kannon in Japanese). There are numerous forms of Quan Yin throughout China and Asia. Generally appear as a youthful feminine mother figure cloaked in white robe, her other popular manifestations including a thousand eyes and thousand armed Tantric form known as Da-bei, the Great Compassion Quan Yin. The seated bodhisattva in royal ease on Mount Portalaka is known as Nanhai (South Seas) Quan Yin, an original Chinese design established since the Tang Dynasty (618-906 A.D.).

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Lotus Pond

Depicting here is yet another important representation, the Water-moon (Shui-yue ) Quan Yin floating above a lotus pond. The statue is an unbelievably detailed and expressive work. The carver is a brilliant and meticulous carver, whose composition succeeded rendering the subject in sublime beauty from multiple angles. The Goddess of Great Compassion is standing above and in front of the wind blown clouds, the richly ornated bodhisattva gazes downward into a reflection of the moon, her right hand in varada mudra, a vase in her left pouring a stream of life-giving nectar, which winds in a large curve and reached down to the lotus pond, among the upturning waves an unfolding leaf along side an elaborately carved lotus flower, with its crenellated petals range from full bloom to not yet open, each petal is separately undercut, brilliant carved and textured to a life-like thickness in an amazing technical feat of naturalism. The execution is staggeringly impressive; through suffered from an old break on the base, the minutely detailed carving is awe inspiring and defying emulation.

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Water Moon Quan Yin backWater Moon Quan Yin
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