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Vintage Hindu Chola Bronze Statue
Goddess Parvati
Consort of Shiva

Origin: India. Circa: 20th century
H 12.5 in.(32cm), W 4.5 in.(12cm), D 4 in.(11cm)
Condition: excellent!

This Chola bronze represents the goddess Parvati "She who lives in the mountains." The Mother Supreme Divine also called "Gauri" (White) and "Uma" (Light). Like Shiva, Parvati has the power of alchemic transmutation. She is the wife of Shiva, mother of his children, and the incarnation or manifestation of all other goddesses.

Wearing a majestic conical crown degrees (karandamukuta), the details of which were particularly meticulous. Her forehead is adorned with a third eye, the symbol of wisdom. She is adorned with a sacred thread, a beautiful ornate belt, rich jewels, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and tiara, and she is wearing a delicately pleated shalwar. The Sanskrit term Trimurti (i.e. Three Forms comparable to the Christian Trinity), which defines the event Supreme Triune Godhead who presides over multiple galaxy of the universe. In Shaivism, the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva respectively symbolizing creation, preservation and destruction. The emanations of Shiva as an un-manifested Supreme deity and therefore cannot be represented.

Historically the Trimurti follows the Vedic trinity consists of Agni and Surya are Vayu, the three aspects of the sacrificial fire symbolizes the matter and inertia. Their consorts (feminine element), symbolize the energy and movement. Thus Saraswathi (Knowledge) completes the Creation, Lakshmi (Prosperity), completes the Preservation, and Shakti (feminine energy) is the field of power and strength balanced by Parvati, Kali, Durga.

Tantra as a branch of Hinduism based on the union of Shakti energy between Shiva and Parvati that maintains and preserves creation. The body of Parvati whose sumptuous and sensual curves are prolonging contemplation of the flesh, and that metal is Abhanga position. Of the axis relative to the navel, the slightly side leaning head indicated its origin to Odissi in the Orissa province of India. Characterized by its postures of independent movements, her complex and refined head, eyes and neck, waist and knees held close together, particularly the body weight that gravitated to one side, with the two feet alternatively hit the ground is the sign of taking roots in the Mother Earth.

Chola Bronze Parvati

Private Collection

Many stories circulate about Parvati. In one of them, she compelled to severe hardship for the attention of his beloved Shiva, thus able to transform his skin from a beautiful jet black into the color of the brightest gold. Then it was in this glittering light, as the God withdrew from his deep meditation he recognize his wife.

The Chola is an ancient dynasty of South India mentioned in the Sacred book, Mahabharata (Great Gesture). A mythical historical saga telling senior warriors facts allegedly took place more than two thousand years before the Christian era. Little is known of the early Chola who developed the specific methods in the art of architecture and cast bronze in lost wax.

Devoid of complex ornaments, the Chola bronzes are identified by their plasticity and their gentleness, their grace, discreet and quiet elegance that represented the exterior world. The artist has given life to this sculpture. The facial expressions, gestures (mudra) and body posture allure to imagination of the sacred environment of the goddess, what it does or is about to do...

-- Description contributed by Jamphel Tsultrim

Goddess Parvati
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