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Nephrite Jade Monkey Mother and Playful Child Antique Chinese carved Toggle 戲弄猴子软玉珮
Antique Chinese Nephrite Jade Carving

Baby Monkey

Cleaning Mommy's Ear

Origin: China. Circa: 1950S' or earlier
H 2 in. (5cm), W 1.25 in. (3cm), D 0.75 in.(2cm)
Weight 32 Grams, very good condition!
A pair of irrepressible charming monkeys clinging together playfully, with the rambunctious baby atop the mommy pulling her ear. Carved in the round, its highly polished backside has a mellow celadon green and a tinge of russet and veins inclusions. Age patina and an unctuous usage sheen, tactile with multiple pierced-throughs for use as a toggle.

Estimated Value $200
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Baby Monkey
Baby Monkey
Baby Monkey
Baby Monkey

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