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Tibetan Avalokiteshvara Antique Tibetan Bronze Buddha Statue


Holding Lotus and Protection Mudra

Origin: Tibet, Circa: 18th-19th Century
H 17 in.(45cm), W 6.7 in.(17cm), D 4 in.)10cm)
Condition: , o.a. very good!
Avolokiteshvara is the bodhisattva of infinite compassion. Compassion that has no bounds and is present for all beings regardless of race, creed, or past actions. Ultimately, this is understood not to be something which is outside ourselves but is the essence of who we are, an endless ocean that is always available when we see with lucid clarity and deeply feel with the boundless heart.

This exquisite Tibetan bronze glimmers. There is detailed simplicity in the rendering. Each ornamentation and every curve of the body is rendered in high detail and delicacy. The lotus in his left hand nearly blushes as it arches forward. The countenance of the deity indicates both subtle kindness and a deep peace that is not shaken or disturbed by circumstance. The topknot and diadem, which suggests stupas, a consecrated body that encompasses heaven and earth, is poised and rendered with grace and detail. The bodhisattva is poised on lotus that is then placed on graduated steps that display finely engraved filigree etched after casting itno the base. This antique Tibetan bronze is not only beautiful in form, but it evokes a deep presence that speaks to the heart of the bodhisattva and the depth of this linneage. (SD)

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Tibetan Bronze Avalokiteshvara

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