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Muromachi junishinsho
Antique Japanese Carved Wood Buddha

Shotora Taisho 招杜羅大将

Divine Generals of Yakushi Nyorai

Circa: Muromachi Period, 1336 - 1573 AD.
H 16.5 in. (42cm), W 8.5 in. (21.5cm), D 7 in. (50cm)
Glass case H 20 in. Overall very good condition
Condition: minor imperfections
This Muromachi period single block carving (Ichimoku-zukuri) evokes an almost playful state of staged Kutani sword fight. The armored samurai in finely detailed kimono displaying a variety of intricate textures over folded and gathered fabrics of different weights, with finely rendered color ornamentation, and distinctive use of gold leaf cutouts (Kirikane), layered with paulownia sawdust paste (Toso) over a wooden core wrapped with Buddhist sutra as a votive offering. The Heavenly General appeared with a fierce look of mythical proportions. His head turned and torso leaning sideways, bulging eyes fiercely glaring forward, with bended knee thrust forth in a striking pose above a two tiers custom made wood pedestal, as he firmly and decisively drew the Kutani long sword. The warrior's stance is anchored with unwavering intensity, virile, and sweeping with force.

The classical countenance most resembles the Kamakura periods' Dragon General Shinshin in the Tokyo National Museum (see photo). Although on closer observation, the avatar on his raging hair tentatively identified as the Zodiac Dog General Shotora Taisho, one of the twelve Divine Generals of the Yakushi Nyorai (Medicine Buddha). The statue has a soft patina of ages radiating an aura of timelessness, reflecting the once gem-like opulence of this wood carving in centuries past. With rodent chew marks and flaking gesso, due to its aged condition, the statue comes with a Japanese glass display case for preservations. A similar 13th century Kamakura Juni Shinsho in the collection of the Tokyo National Museum:

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Muromachi Guardian
Muromachi Guardian
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Muromachi Wood Buddha

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