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Ming Bronze Quan Yin Antique Chinese Gilt Bronze Buddha

Quan Yin


Circa: Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644
H 14.5 in.(37cm), W 9.5 in.(24cm), D 6 in.(15cm)
Weight: 7.5 Kg. Condition: very good!

Estimated value: $10,000
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A heavy Ming Bronze Guanyin Buddha with eyes downcast, hands locked in dhyana meditation mudra, her hair swept up into an elegant chignon, set under an Amitabha Buddha floral crown. She wears a sharply defined necklace and is dressed in sumptuous long robes. Alluding a concentric radiance of sublime countenance with sinuous symmetry, as in Guanyin's traditional depiction since the Tang in the 7th century.

With her childlike form and benevolent grace, many characteristics unique to authentic Ming Buddha are evident in this work. Most noticeably, the proportions of the statue are specific to the period. With a large head and stout figure, simplicity, and voluminous stately appearance, her silhouette is completed by three rows of upturned lotus petals, which circumventing the pedestal atop a perforated oval-shaped filigree. The statue is completed with thorough integrity. There is hardly any casting fault but an accompanying pleasing essence of the age. In abrasion areas, the base color of the metal has turned to a natural deep umber over time. Gilt loss exposed overlaid with random flashes of red lacquer and crusts of oxidation between the folds and rims, forging a delicate unity of flowing simplicity and the hierarchic dignity of sanctity imbued through the centuries. With superb artistry, this gorgeous Guanyin has retained its spiritual essence of the beloved Bodhisattva of Compassion.

Ming Bronze Quan Yin
Ming Bronze Quan Yin back
Ming Bronze Quan Yin Pedestal
Ming Bronze Quan Yin  base
Ming Bronze Quan Yin  close-up

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